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4 Impressive Applications of Fiberglass

Did you know that the applications of fiberglass date back to the 1930s? Back then it was used for home furnace filters and insulation. Now it has several purposes, including on large-scale industrial levels. As it is extremely versatile, it is used for aircraft, water tanks, boats, construction, pipes, and more.

Learn about the impressive applications of fiberglass.

1.Chemical Industry

The chemical industry uses fiberglass platforms because of their non-corrosive nature. They are long-lasting and have a low maintenance cost. There is also no fear of accumulating rust or being high maintenance in places where chemicals are always a concern. Moreover, fiberglass is anti-slip and chemical resistant due to its resin compounds.

2. Power Generation

As fiberglass is non-conductive in nature, it is commonly used in the power generation industry. Fiberglass fabrics are great insulators and can endure severe environmental conditions. They’re used to insulate turbines and electric motors, and in pipe-wrapping applications. Moreover, they meet industry standards for fire safety.

3. Food and Beverage Industry

Its high strength, non-corrosive, and lightweight features make it the perfect fit for the food and beverage industry. Fiberglass installations improve the effectiveness and availability of bottling lines in beverage factories. It is also highly resistant to standing water, corrosive chemicals, and various forms of alcohol.

Chicken and beef processing plants use fiberglass grating for its anti-slip nature as it can hold blood. Most food processing areas prefer it due to other grating materials being unsuitable. Moreover, it’s used to make ladders because of its anti-slip nature.

4. Car Washes

The automobile industry also employs many applications of fiberglass. Being strong, chemically resistant, and anti-slip makes it the perfect candidate for grating. Furthermore, it is also used to prevent rust and keep cars in good exterior condition.

5. Aerospace and Defense

Fiberglass is an excellent material when it comes to making equipment for the military and aerospace industry. It is used to make engine cowlings, ducts, enclosures, storage bins, ground handling equipment, and more.

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