FRP Water Tank.

4 Reasons Your FRP Tank Needs an Inspection

FRP Tanks are sometimes used in harsh industrial environments, making them vulnerable to corrosion and heat. If FRP tank inspections are not conducted regularly, it will inevitably lead to issues and reduced lifespan.

A fiberglass tank inspection service should be scheduled at least once every two years to increase the life expectancy of your water tanks. However, you should always look out for warning signs that might suggest an earlier inspection. Here are some signs that indicate your FRP tank requires an inspection:

1. Be Mindful of Leaks

Tank Inspection services are needed if you detect an unexplainable drop in the water levels. To detect a water leak, you will have to shut off all taps as well as washing machines, dishwashers, basins, etc. Next, read your water meter. Avoid consuming water for at least one hour. If the water level reading drops further, that is a clear warning that your FRP tank needs to be inspected.

2. Don’t Neglect Minor Cracks

FRP tanks are made out of durable materials. However, heat and other weather conditions may cause minor cracks to appear on the fiberglass tank over time. Usually, people tend to ignore a problem if it doesn’t seem significant. However, if no precautionary steps are taken initially, it will result in a bigger problem over time. Therefore, if you notice small cracks appearing on your FRP tank, get it inspected instantly. Otherwise, more substantial cracks will appear over time.

3. Watch out for Rust and Corrosion.


FRP tanks are usually very resistant to corrosion and rusting. However, if the water it contains is full of soluble chlorides and salts, it might cause the tank to rust from within. Soluble compounds in water generate strong electrolytes that promote the process of corrosion. This is when your FRP tank requires to be re-coated with a thick film. Hence, if you detect rusting inside your water tank, it’s time to get professionals to help you!  

4. Get it Inspected, Nonetheless!

We don’t suggest you wait for any of these symptoms to appear before you get your FRP tank inspected. A yearly inspection will allow you to improve the life of your FRP tank and minimize risks.  Even if you think nothing is currently wrong with your FRP tank, it’s is better to get it checked to be sure!

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