FRP tank in a facility

4 Signs your Fiberglass Reinforced Tank Needs Repair

Fiberglass reinforced tanks, also known as FRP tanks, are used throughout manufacturing industries in the US. These tanks are frequently replacing conventional tanks used previously in making products. This transition owes to the durable and long-lasting nature of FRP tanks.

Despite their longevity and durability, these tanks are prone to damages like cracks and leaks, and these problems need to be dealt with in time to prevent more extensive damages.

If you notice any of the following signs in your FRP tank, you need to get it repaired immediately.  

Visible Cracks

As these tanks are widely used in product manufacturing, they are used rigorously. Due to continuous use, their material quality tends to wear off and crack the surface. These cracks can slowly turn into breaks as well. This is why if you come across even a minor crack, get in touch with tank inspection service providers for prompt inspection.


Leaks in the FRP tanks do not surface like that. Prolonged use with no maintenance checks is the primary reason for leaks’ surfacing. If you timely deal with cracks, there is no way to turn them into leakages. In addition, you also need to keep checking signs of leaks from the interior and exterior of the tanks.

Corrosion is Bad News

Since the tank materials come into frequent contact with different types of chemical liquids with varying degrees of acidity, the stakes for corrosion remain high. When these harmful acids react with the tank material for a prolonged time, they cause corrosion. The resultant rust weakens the tank surface and appears as rusty patches.

A staircase leading to a corrosive tank

UV damage

Continuous exposure to sunlight and UV rays damages the core materials of fiberglass tanks. These rays weaken the tank exteriors and fade the color of the tanks. As a result, tanks undergo a process called fiber blooming. During this process, the glass resin inside the fiberglass breaks down, exposing the inner materials, which are easily breakable.

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