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4 Signs Your Industrial FRP Tanks and Pipes Need Repairs

More and more industries are shifting to installing fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks for better storage facilities. Tanks made from fiberglass have an average lifespan of about 40 years, depending on various factors, including weather, usage, and maintenance.

However, getting repairs at the right time can help you save energy and ensure safety, increasing the lifespan of the tanks. Here are some signs you need to be on the lookout for:

Cracks in the Tanks

If you’re seeing visible cracks in the tanks at your facility, that’s a major sign you’ll need repairs. Cracks may be small, but they may deepen to create serious fissures due to rigorous use. We recommend that you get the cracks in your tanks checked and repaired as soon as you start spotting them.

Leakages in the Tanks

You might feel the surface or the outer walls of the tank is wet, but don’t dismiss that thought assuming it could be something harmless. When tanks are used for long periods, especially with heavy substances like acids, they might develop small leaks. You should repair and proof the time when you start to notice a leak.

Corrosions in the Walls

Corrosions are never good news for any heavy industrial equipment. If the tanks are made of metal, they might develop signs of rusting. Rust weakens the structural integrity of the tanks and also poses health safety risks.

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Extreme Weather

Harsh sunlight and arid climates can cause the tanks to degrade quite. This is why it’s beneficial to get UV protection for your fiberglass tanks. The glass resin inside may degrade and expose the other substances, weakening the tank’s structure.

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