image of a glossy epoxy resin industry floor

All You Need To Know About Epoxy Resin Based Floor Coating

Epoxy resin-based flooring is one of the most versatile and useful flooring solutions for those all types of facilities, including those in the commercial, residential, industrial, educational, and healthcare sectors. It can be customized to provide facilities with the most durable and high-performance floors to create safe and clean environments.

What is Epoxy?

Epoxy is derived from a mix of two chemical components, more commonly known as resin. A polyoxideresin and a curative are mixed and applied to the floor, creating a strong chemical bond between the two. This mix allows the flooring stronger and more durable than it would otherwise have been, and it’s typically applied in varying levels of thickness in layers.

How Strong is an Epoxy Resin-Based Floor?

Epoxy floors are high resistance and can sustain heavy loads, making them the best option for industrial and commercial environments. The mixing of the two chemicals allows epoxy resin-based flooring to account for durability and longevity—it doesn’t peel or chip away easy, even after prolonged use. They are ideal for warehouse use and high-traffic areas and since they are FDA and USDA approved, epoxy resin-based floor coating is well-trusted in several industries.

Is Epoxy Resin Durable?

Epoxy resin is extremely sturdy and very easy to clean. It resists oil and water stains and creates a seamless surface finish that can last years on end. It requires little maintenance and has little wear and tear, even after heavy and prolonged usage.

a glossy and shiny brown brick floor with resin finish

Can Epoxy Resin Coating be Customized?

One of the many benefits of epoxy resin-based coating is that it comes in different shades and colors, and can be used to create various effects and sheen. Although “industrial flooring” may not sound appealing, epoxy flooring provides a shiny finish in which different colors and patterns can be added to create a unique effect. It elevates the look of the building and can be applied in such a way that reflects the aesthetic of the facility and can result in an attractive and easily identifiable area.

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