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How Hazardous Materials Are Contained With Fiberglass Coatings

Fiberglass is a natural material that’s harmless to humans and is ecologically clean. Glass fiber can be made by taking 25-million-year-old quartz sand and melting it together with various raw materials at extremely high temperatures. It also includes binders that improve the water tightness and strength of the materials. Its special treatment gives fiberglass many […]

The Only Way to Ensure Safety Around Fiberglass Tanks

Fiberglass-reinforced plastic, also known as FRP, is a common material often used in industries such as chemical manufacturing, oil and gas, pulp and paper manufacturing, wastewater treatment, and others where process and storage tanks are used. This material’s resistance to various solutions and impeccable strength make it the perfect choice for capital investment. Frequent FRP […]

4 Impressive Applications of Fiberglass

Did you know that the applications of fiberglass date back to the 1930s? Back then it was used for home furnace filters and insulation. Now it has several purposes, including on large-scale industrial levels. As it is extremely versatile, it is used for aircraft, water tanks, boats, construction, pipes, and more. Learn about the impressive applications of […]

3 Fiberglass Services You Need Regularly

Various industries from the water and waste treatment sector to the pulp and paper mill sector use fiberglass services. That’s because fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) is used for its longevity, cost-effectiveness, and noncorrosive nature.  In 2021, the FRP tanks market was valued at 2.22 billion U.S. dollars, a 10 percent increase from the year before. It’s […]

FRP Tanks and Pipes: Maintenance and Repair

As FRP pipes are affordable, light-to-carry, strong, and extremely corrosion-resistant, they’re a wise choice for various applications and sectors. These include industrial production, wastewater treatment, paper mills, etc.   If you want to use this investment properly, you should get to know more about it. If you’re considering using FRP to store materials for a long […]

Fiberglass: How You Can Ensure Safety In The Workplace

When employees saw, chop, cut, and sand fiberglass, fiber dust is produced. Extra caution is required when working with fiberglass surface coating or using the material in other activities, and managers must ensure that staff is aware of proper safety guidelines. Let’s learn about how you can protect your workers from such hazards. Personal Protective Equipment […]

A Guide to Maintaining and Repairing FRP Tanks and Pipes

FRP offers high durability and resistance against corrosion compared to other materials. Although FRP tanks and pipes don’t require as much maintenance as metal tanks and pipes, the maintenance they need is necessary. At Hudson Fiberglass, we specialize in fiberglass inspection services and custom fiberglass work.  Blaine Hudson, Hudson Fiberglass’s managing partner, is the second […]