FRP water tank in a deserted land.

Ways To Fix An FRP Water Tank

FRP water tanks are renowned for their durability. However, cracks and leaks may take place with time. Learn some simple steps to fix the minor cracks in your fiberglass tanks.
FRP Water Tank.

4 Reasons Your FRP Tank Needs an Inspection

Look out for the four symptoms that suggest your FRP Tank needs an inspection.
fiberglass tank

How a Fiberglass Tank is Better Than a Concrete Tank

Fiberglass tanks are a durable and economical solution for water…
commercial fiberglass tanks

Dos and Don'ts: When You Have a Fiberglass Tank

Although fiberglass was invented in 1938, it took 30 more years…
Image of an Industrial FRP Tank

5 Things to Know About FRP Tanks

Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) tanks are those tanks that have…
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What Does It Take to Repair FRP Pipes and Tanks?

Fiberglass tanks and pipes are relatively resistant to mechanical…

Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer

A Polymer reinforced with fiber is know as a fiberglass-reinforced…
FRP tanks being inspected

FRP Tank Inspection: Why and How Often Do You Need It?

Whether you're thinking of purchasing a new fiberglass tank for…
Industrial Area with storage chemical storage tanks

How to Clean an FRP Tank?

Cleaning your tanks before a routine FRP tank inspection is…
vinyl ester coating

Benefits Of Vinyl Ester Coating

Vinyl ester is resistant to water, various organic solvents,…