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Common Types and Uses for Fiberglass

Industries look for durable and long-term solutions for their everyday processes. Fiberglass is preferred over other materials due to its flexibility. The material essentially is a plastic composite with layers of fiberglass embedded sporadically. FRP composites are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and high-strength materials ideal for industrial use. FRP’s strength comes from the flexibility the material attains in fiber form.

Fiberglass is a popular material in the brewage, automotive, food, and automotive industries. FRP tanks installed in small and large industries come with effective fiberglass surface coatings. 

Some more information about FRP tanks is as follows:

Types of Fiberglass

Fiberglass can be of various types depending on the raw materials used.


A-glass fibers are ideal for industrial use since it resists chemicals best. The material is used to make process equipment in many parts of the world.


C-glass fibers comprise alkali-lime glass with high boron oxide content. The material offers good chemical resistance. A range of engineering material composite fibers are made of C-glass.


E-glass is a good conductor of electricity. It’s also called electrical glass for the same reason. E fiberglass is heavily used in the transportation and aeronautical industries. The material is also frequently used for electrical and thermal insulation in industries.


AE fiberglass is alkali-resistant. The addition of alkali-resistant fiberglass into concrete improves the material’s tensile strength. AE glass fibers are often added to road cement for better strength and durability.


S-glass, also known as structural glass, is used in industries to increase material strength. Its mechanical properties make it highly resistant to corrosion and rust.

Where Is Fiberglass Used?

Common fiberglass usage includes:

Fiberglass Grating in Car Washes

Cars use fiberglass for rust resistance. Fiberglass grating is ideal for floors prone to oil spills. Likewise, walkways, protective shielding, and machinery housings can be well-protected with fiberglass grating.

Brewage Industry

Fiberglass has much to do with the process of bottling in the food and beverage industries. Breweries use them for a similar purpose. Most breweries use fiberglass for bottling liners. Breweries heavily depend on sturdy grating options for everyday work processes. Fiberglass also offers an advantage in producing high-purity products like wine.

Chemical Industries

Chemical industries heavily rely on FRP pipes, tanks, and stacks for storage. A range of chemicals in large volumes can be stored in FRP Tank and Pipe Repair for use during production. Anti-slip safety features are a must in the chemical industry. Handrails and walkways in chemical industries often make use of fiberglass.

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