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Comparing Industrial Tank Materials: Plastic Vs. Galvanized Steel

Chemical storage tanks are necessary installations at industrial facilities. Some industries that need large storage tanks for chemicals and product components include:

  • Fertilizers
  • Refining
  • Paper and wood pulp
  • Wine and food storage

Such industries heavily depend on storage tanks throughout the production process. The tanks prevent contamination, sludge building, and unwanted chemical reactions during production. The industrial storage tanks are made of galvanized steel and plastic. The plastic used in FRP tanks is supported with fibers for added strength. Our fiberglass tank inspection and repair services in Lake City, FL, offer industrial FRP solutions to small and large-scale companies.

Galvanized Steel Tanks

Galvanized steel tanks were the norm in industries until FRP pipes and tanks came in. Galvanized steel tanks are more durable than plastic tanks. Some other advantages of galvanized steel tanks include:


Galvanized steel tanks have a long service life as compared to FRP tanks. Fiberglass tanks are vulnerable to cracking under extreme weather conditions. They are non-corrosive, which makes them an exceptional choice for industrial use. Our FRP Tank and Pipe Repair services in FL take care of minor and major maintenance your FRP equipment might need.

Highly Affordable

Galvanized tanks are mostly used in oil and gas industries as an economical way of storing liquids. They are ideal for storing fire water, industrial liquids, and potable water.

Plastic Tanks

Also known as plastic, poly, and FRP tanks, fiber-reinforced tanks are non-corrosive and as affordable as galvanized steel tanks. The corrosion-resistant properties of plastic tanks are the major reason they are prioritized over galvanized steel tanks in large-scale industries. Industries dealing with products exposed to salt water or fresh water need plastic tanks for an increased tank life.

More Lightweight than Galvanized Steel Tanks

FRP tanks have a high strength-to-weight ratio. They weigh around five times lesser than galvanized steel. Their weight allows for a more convenient tank installation. Tank installation costs are automatically reduced for FRP industrial tanks.

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Both galvanized steel and FRP tanks have their pros and cons. After usage, how you treat and care for them is up to you. Our aim at Hudson Fiberglass is to ensure customer satisfaction with our FRP pipe repair and maintenance services. We also offer a range of other services, including FRP pipe inspections, fiberglass surface coating, and more! If you want to schedule tank inspection services or repairs, call us at 386-758-0057.