large fiberglass storage tanks in a chemical factory

Fiberglass Storage Tanks: What Are the Concerns?

Users of fiberglass storage tanks usually have several concerns when it comes to storing abrasive chemicals, due to the varying mechanical properties of fiberglass reinforced plastic.

While these storage tanks are widely used for storing kerosene, gasoline, and other petroleum-based products, they may have some downsides when it comes to chemical storage. Abrasive chemicals tend to oxidize and corrode fiberglass if not maintained properly or repaired over time.

There’s a layer between the resin and the filament layer in fiberglass storage tanks, which isn’t very durable and is at high risk of corrosion or oxidizing from harsh chemicals like sulfuric acid.

If you use or are planning to use fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks for storing chemicals, here are some concerns associated with it.


One of the most common limitations of fiberglass storage tanks is the hand laid-in fitting. These fittings are placed after the shell is manufactured, which is why these tanks require additional seams during the manufacturing. Fiberglass storage tanks with a greater number of seams tend to be weaker, especially if they are being used for storing abrasive chemicals.

Brittle and Rigid Material

The internal side of a large fiberglass storage tank

Fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks are typically lighter than steel tanks or polyethylene tanks. But if you store harsh chemicals, you’ll need to go for a multi-layered one, which may be more brittle, rigid, and challenging to transport and install.

Limited Protection Against Ultraviolet Rays

Polyethylene storage tanks are typically manufactured with robust ultraviolet inhibitors and Carbon Black resin for additional protection against harmful UV rays. However, if you’re planning to go for fiberglass storage tanks, you must specify your preference to the manufacturer.

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