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Fiberglass Vs. Stainless Steel Vs. Plastic Tanks: What’s The Safest?

Choosing the right storage tank is important for safety and the integrity of the product itself. Some popular choices include stainless steel, plastic, or custom fiberglass work materials. If your purpose is to choose the safest tank material for water storage, you’ll have to consider whether it’s commercial or residential water storage.

Here’s all you need to know:

Stainless steel

Stainless steel water storage tanks are highly durable and are usually resistant to corrosion, which makes them incredibly strong. You can find stainless steel tanks in various sizes, and they have easy options for repair. However, limited colors are available, and certain metals don’t mix well together. Make sure that the substance you plan on storing is suitable for the type of metal you choose for your tank.


Plastic water tanks are a popular option for water storage in a domestic setting. They’re versatile, lightweight, and have various advantages at a low price. You can also find plastic tanks in many different colors! However, plastic tanks aren’t very easily transportable and don’t tend to be eco-friendly for storing water for long periods. This tank heats the water to tremendous levels, making it unsafe to drink over time. Also, plastic can take around 10,000 years to break down. Due to health and safety laws, plastic tanks cannot be made out of recycled materials, which is causing a plastic epidemic on the planet.


Fiberglass tanks are often used for storing clean drinking water. While the material is rather stiff and rigid, it has a high level of corrosion resistance, which makes it incredibly durable and long-lasting. Fiberglass is also rather lightweight and is ideal for managing water pressure in an efficient manner. The best part? This material is super affordable compared to stainless steel tanks! The average fiberglass tank lasts 30-40 years with proper maintenance and care.

We’ll provide you with the safest tank material

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