Tank Inspection Services

Fiberglass aboveground tanks are susceptible to deterioration both internally & externally from environmental elements, poor installation practices, & age. Hudson Fiberglass offers internal & external integrity testing on all aboveground atmospheric fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks and vessels to ensure our customer’s continued confidence and service of their vessel.

Unlike other inspection services available, we are on both sides of the industry. We have hundreds of hours of work experience inside FRP tanks& vessels doing repairs & modifications. There is not another company who knows more about the construction and repair of FRP tanks& vessels than we do. We are the only company in the eastern United States that offers both services.

We are certified to provide efficient fiberglass tank inspection services as well as pipe inspections and fiberglass piping. We are currently the leading suppliers of fiberglass piping for over a dozen companies in North America and Western Europe.

Our inspections strictly adhere to the Fiberglass Tank& Pipe Institutes standard FTPI 2007-1. Our training not only includes hundreds of hours in the field and fabrication shop, but our staff has also been trained by the Executive Director of the Fiberglass Tank& Pipe Institute, Mr. Sullivan D. Curran, P.E. If your company is interested in our inspection services, please contact Blaine Hudson through our contact page.

Our managing partner Blaine Hudson is one of the first two people to achieve the strenuous FRPI SP8310 certification for inspecting in field above ground chemical bulk storage tanks. Hudson Fiberglass can offer your company certified FRPI SP8310 inspections. Which is the most thorough in field FRP tank inspection available.