FRP pipes and tanks

Reasons to Hire Experts for FRP Tank Inspection

FRP Tanks are generally thought to last decades. However, the lifespan of a tank may vary depending on what’s being stored inside. FRP pipes and tanks only used for passive substances can last half a century. On the other hand, an FRP tank used to store HCL can lose its integrity in 15 years.

The only way to tell for certain where your FRP tank is in its life lifecycle is through a professional inspection. At Hudson Fiberglass, we offer certified FRPI SP8310 FRP pipe and tank inspections to companies. Having been in this industry since 1976, we’ve evolved, working alongside some of the largest companies in the world. 

Here’s why you should hire experts for an FRP tank inspection.

FRP Tank are Prone To Micro-Cracks

Fiberglass-reinforced plastic is a highly durable material. It doesn’t get affected by even highly corrosive chemicals such as acids. It also has tolerance against physical sources of deterioration. Still, no chemical substance is completely passive, and no object is indestructible. FRP tanks are prone to microcracks. These cracks are often hard to find because of the interwoven strands of fiberglass used to make the material. Only a seasoned expert can tell if your FRP has micro-cracks.

Micro-Cracks Crack Can Lead To Leaks 

FRP is, by its nature, prone to damage from certain tensile forces. Micro-cracks increase the material’s vulnerability to leaks. The micro-cracks also increase in size over time, making a tank failure more likely. However, you can stop micro-cracks in their tracks by having your tank professionally repaired. If your tank is beyond repair, experts can recommend an FRP tank with a different type of fiber that may be better for your applications.

Two large FRP storage tanks

Only an Inspection Can Prevent a Catastrophic Exposure

Deteriorated FRPs emit volatile organic compounds (VOC) that harm humans. A damaged FRP tank can also fail and expose people working at your company to the chemicals stored inside. Only an expert can help prevent such a catastrophe.

Hudson Fiberglass is dedicated to providing the highest quality fiberglass materials and the most reliable FRP tank and pipe inspections. We also offer FRP tank and pipe repair and fiberglass surface coating services.

Want to ensure your FRP tanks are safe? Get in touch now!