Fiberglass Composite Bows

Since 1990 we have manufactured composite bows for wire rope and pc strand wire machines. We manufacture all different sizes and strengths. We use several different types of composite materials such as carbon fiber, Kevlar, and bi-directional fibers. We also use both polyester and vinylester resins. The exact lay-up schedule will vary depending on what the application requires. We can build bows for any type of stranding machine and any rpm range.

Here are a few advantages that composite bows have over conventional steel bows.

1. Less weight. Our bows weigh a fraction of steel bows. Therefore cutting down on the wear and tear to the machine itself.

2. Safety. Our bows are much safer than steel bows. In most cases when a steel bow breaks it will damage other parts of the machine. In more severe cases operators and passer-byes have been injured.

3. Cost. Our bows are generally slightly less expensive than steel but, the overall savings from Hudson Fiberglass bows is enormous. Every time a bow breaks the down-time spent will be cut in less than half. Less chance of employee injury. Less destruction of the other equipment.