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Things To Know Before You Undergo Fiberglass Repair

Fiberglass is used everywhere nowadays. It is a highly durable material that can withstand extreme temperatures and pressure. It is usually used to make tanks and pipes by welding smaller parts together.

The everyday use of fiberglass means that there will be times when the material may get damaged. Fiberglass can be repaired or modified through a welding process. However, before you repair fiberglass, the following things must be considered.

Understand The Type Of Damage

Fiberglass comprises thin layers of plastic weaved together with a glass wool fiber. Its material structure is robust, but still, it can suffer damage due to stress, age, and impact damage.

The fiberglass can go through several types of damage, including cracks, tears, splits, punctures, or worst of all, a damaged core. Knowing what damage the fiberglass has gone through can help you repair it efficiently and correctly.

Cause of Damage

Knowing why the fiberglass has endured these damages will help you eliminate the damage’s root cause. This means that you can stop further damage to the pipe or tank. Delamination, wear and tear, UV exposure, heavy loads, or simply weather reasons for damages.

What Materials Do You Need For Repair?

Repairing fiberglass with repair kit

Knowing what sorts of damages the fiberglass has been affected can help you fix damages. The materials that you need include your fiberglass cloth, resin, hardener, gel coat, and isopropyl alcohol.

You can also invest in a fiberglass repair kit, which will include everything you need from the fiberglass resin, hardener, and cloth. It also provides acetone, a paintbrush, measuring cup, sandpaper, and a sanding block.

Remember To Be Safe

Fiberglass repair is not an easy task and is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to follow professional safety precautions, as it can be dangerous to work with. You do not want to get it into your eyes and do not want to breathe it in. It can also get etched into your skin.

Make sure you are following all the safety precautions before attempting the repair. Wear protective eyewear gloves and grab a respirator to keep yourself protected.

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