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Top Properties and Applications of Fiberglass in Modern Industries

Fiberglass is one of the most popular modern composite materials used today for myriad commercial and industrial applications. Fiberglass, AKA FRP, or Fiber Reinforced Plastic, is a composite made of glass fiber.

It’s a complex mixture of reinforced plastic flattened into a sheet, arranged into a fabric, or molded into bulky containers. Its durability, malleability, and sturdiness are some of the main reasons for its popularity in modern industries.

In this blog, we’ll talk more about the properties and industrial applications of fiberglass. So let’s get started.

Noteworthy Properties of Fiberglass

Before we delve into the uses and application of FRP tools and equipment in various industries, let’s learn about some properties that make fiberglass a highly sought-after composite:

  • Structural Stability: Fiberglass  has a minimal linear expansion, thereby strong resistivity against harsh weather.
  • Dielectric Penetrability: This fiberglass property makes it suitable for electromagnetic panels and frames used to make insulated windows.
  • Updraft Conductivity: Fiberglass has relatively low thermal conductivity, making it highly convenient in building manufacturing.
  • Mechanical Forte: Fiberglass offering the same strength as steel, but with greater flex, making it more impact resistant and durable.
  • Electrical Physiognomies: Fiberglass offers excellent electrical padding even at low thicknesses.
  • Incombustible: Since fiberglass is a mineral solid, it is naturally fireproof. It does not circulate or support a blaze. It also limits smoke or toxic product excretion when exposed to heat.

Modern Consumptions

Militia engineers used Fiberglass and GRP as an alternative to expensive and hard to produce metal supplies. Resin and composite materials are relatively newer but they’re famous for mass usage, especially among troops. Today, more than 2 million tons of unsaturated polyester resin (‘UPR’) is produced annually. Apart from being extremely low-cost, this composite also offers:

  • Low-cost fabrication
  • Sturdiness and durability
  • Extreme impact resistance and resilient structure
  • Corrosion resistance

To understand FRP further, here are some of the major industrial applications of fiberglass-made storage tanks, piping systems, and fabricated machine parts:

Huge FRP tanks in a petrochemical plant
  • Chemical Engineering: FRP related products are widely used in the chemical industry. FRP containment and surface coating to ensure anti-slip, grit surface, and chemical-proof surfaces for enhanced safety and process efficiency
  • Cooling Towers: Cooling towers require extra protection from corrosion, rust, and damage because of continuous moisture exposure. And this is why FRP material is the best option for making them.
  • Food Processing Plants: FRP tools are used in the food processing plants for friction-rich and slip-resistant grating. Moreover, fiberglass also offers a chemical-free, environment-friendly option for food processing as other composites might be harmful.
  • Design Fountains and Aquariums: All types of fountains and aquariums—ground, stand-alone, wall-mounted—use fiberglass to ensure firm rock support and water circulation.
  • More…Manufacturing: The entrenched grit surface of fiberglass gruff ensures anti-slip surfaces for hydraulic fluids and oils factories. Its permeability and insulation properties make it perfect for electronic refining facilities.

Furthermore, almost every car has fiberglass components and body kits, and the composite is also used to manufacture military and civilian aerospace products, including test apparatus, ducting, attachments, and others.

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