importance of field welding for tank

Why Field Welding for Tank is Necessary?

Welding  involves joining two or more metals (both similar and none similar) by heating them at a certain temperature.

However, field welding is not necessary to manufacture weapons or vehicles but also perfect to keep tanks strong and last longer. Here are a few points that can help you understand the necessity of field welding for tanks: 

1. Increases Longevity & Durability of Tanks

Field welding makes tanks highly resistant to the effects of the elements, which include but are not limited to corrosion, fire, UV light, and rust. Thus, you don’t need to add internal and external coating separately to protect the base metal of the tank.

Moreover, durability goes hand in hand with longevity. Unlike other tanks that are prone to leaking, cracking, and forming harmful bacteria, field welded tanks are leak-free, which increases their lifespan more than 100 years.

Undoubtedly consider field welded tank, because it increases tank’s durability otherwise you may end up spending plenty of money and time on repairing.

2. Cost-Efficient & Reliable

Tanks are quick to install, easy to repair, and requires minimal maintenance. They are reliable because of a long lifespan than other storage solutions which makes it cost-efficient. With services like field welding, tanks are a one-time investment for different type of businesses. For tank welding or installation, you can always hire a team of experts like us. 

3. Promotes Eco-Friendly Environment

Since we know, tanks with high-quality field welding are resistant to leaking and corrosion, we must also know that it makes them ideal for water storage, organic, and non-organic chemicals. In comparison, some tanks can leach calcium into water supplies and leave a damage on the environment.

However, if you wish to keep your surroundings clean and unaffected, make sure you prefer field wielding for the tank, it’s necessary for humans and nature.

field welding keeps water safe

Final Takeaway

Many organizations, industries, and chemical plants require field welding for tanks because these tanks allow them to store a large amount of water. Even though, OSHA advise them to use field welding to keep tanks clean and proper. However, at Hudson FiberGlass, we offer the best, reliable, and affordable field wielding for a tank.

Whether you want fiberglass tank repair, installation, or inspection service in Lake City, FL, we got you covered. We have been leading in the fiberglass business since 1976, and during our journey, we have conducted countless in-field custom installation and repair projects for several large companies in the world. 

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