Image of an Industrial FRP Tank

5 Things to Know About FRP Tanks

Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) tanks are those tanks that have been reinforced with fiberglass. These are built with strong exteriors, are lightweight and easy to install. FRP tanks are known for a long life span and provide leak-free storage. In addition to this, FRP tanks are also widely used in many different industrial and commercial applications. Following are the five things that set the FRP tanks apart from their alternates:

1) Corrosion Resistant

FRP tanks are well-known for their corrosion- as well as abrasion-resistant properties. Since FRP is a composite material, they are made by combining resins and fibers. The fibers provide most of the strength and durability to the final product, while the resins contribute to the corrosion resistance. Even when exposed to extreme environments or operational compounds, FRP tanks neither corrode nor degrade.

2) Cost-Efficient

Compared to tanks made from other alternate materials, FRP tanks are the best and most cost-efficient option. Steel and concrete tanks are almost double or triple the price and also cause severe environmental damages.

3) Low Maintenance

FRP tanks are known to have a service life of almost 25 to 50 years. Fiberglass tank inspection can be useful—but these tanks will require little to no maintenance during this period. In comparison, polyethylene tanks’ lifespan is not even half of this. The latter also require constant maintenance for leakages and other issues that may arise with time.

A set of yellow commercial FRP tanks

4) Size & Weight Advantage

Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) tanks’ biggest advantage is their strength-to-weight ratio which allows them to be placed practically anywhere. They can even be buried without the fear of rusting or rotting over time.

5) Custom-Built Design and Modifiable

The most overlooked thing about FRP tanks is their versatility. They can be molded to any configuration and can be made into different sizes & shapes relatively easily. This gives them an edge over metal tanks. Additionally, fiberglass tanks can even be modified and used for dual purposes.

If you’re considering purchasing FRP tanks, you should get in touch with professionals to handle the installation process and prevent any issues from occurring.

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