An FRP tank and pipe used for industrial applications.

A Comprehensive Guide to the Advantages of FRP Tanks

Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks are some of the most robust and versatile industrial tank solutions on the market. They are highly durable and have a long service life. They’re made out of plastic that’s reinforced with fiberglass, similar to the way that rebar is reinforced using concrete. FRP tanks are constructed using one of two primary methods: the chopper gun method and the filament winding method.

We’ve prepared this piece with a comprehensive guide to the many benefits that FRP tanks provide. Take a look.

A Complete Guide to the Many Benefits of FRP Tanks

FRP tanks have several positive attributes and characteristics that include the following:

A closeup of the surface of an FRP tank.
  • FRP tanks can be custom-built
  • They have great durability and longevity
  • When applied with a gel coating, FRP tanks can resist ultraviolet radiation for longer than polyethylene tanks
  • They can be used for a wide variety of applications, including holding pesticides, fertilizers, or salts
  • FRP tanks can be sanded and repainted
  • They can undergo repair work and be put back into service
  • FRP tanks can be installed with baffles when used for transportation purposes to reduce the sloshing and movement of products
  • FRP tanks can be installed with relatively heavier valves because of their rigid frames
  • In order to keep mixtures suspended, FRP tanks can be equipped with agitator paddles that are mechanically-driven
  • When FRP tanks undergo failure, they typically seep instead of burst
  • When used under normal conditions and for normal purposes, the service life of FRP tanks is minimally impacted by low and high temperatures
  • The opaqueness of their walls help reduce algae growth
  • FRP tanks are specifically designed to withstand rugged and rough off-road conditions
  • While FRP tanks that hold less than 10,000 gallons are generally more expensive than similar and comparable polyethylene tanks, the price differential isn’t as drastic in larger sized tanks

Professional Fiberglass Repair and Installation Services

If you’re looking to buy FRP tanks for your company, it’s recommended that you hire professionals to handle all installation processes in order to prevent any issues.

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