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A Guide to Maintaining and Repairing FRP Tanks and Pipes

FRP offers high durability and resistance against corrosion compared to other materials. Although FRP tanks and pipes don’t require as much maintenance as metal tanks and pipes, the maintenance they need is necessary.

At Hudson Fiberglass, we specialize in fiberglass inspection services and custom fiberglass work.  Blaine Hudson, Hudson Fiberglass’s managing partner, is the second person ever to earn an FRPI SP8310 certification to conduct inspections of chemical storage tanks above ground. Here’s how you can maintain and repair FRP tanks and pipes with our help.

Understand The Sources of Damage

FRP is a very passive material but is not completely vulnerable to corrosion. It can lower life if you store and process highly reactive chemicals in your FRP tank. For example, HCL is particularly known to lower the residual strength of FRP tanks. HCL can diffuse with FRP over time, limiting its lifespan to 15 to 20 years. The polymer matrix and the fiber are also vulnerable to certain tensile forces, which can lead to micro-cracks.

Conduct Regular Inspections

You should check all your FRP tanks and pipes at least once weekly for leaks. The risk may be low, but you have much to lose from a failure. If the chemicals are harmful to human health, the people working at your company may get accidentally exposed.

Clean Gently

Regularly cleaning the tanks and pipes can prevent corrosion from some sources. However, be sure to do it carefully and gently. The tanks and pipes may wear out from friction over time and last nowhere close to their expected lifespan.

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Hire Inspections and Repairs From Experienced Professionals

FRP is a relatively new material that only became common in the 1970s. Only a professional who has been in the industry for long enough can reliably help you maintain your FRP tanks and pipes. 

Hudson Fiberglass is one of the few companies offering certified FRPI SP8310 inspections. Along with FRP tank pipe and inspections, we offer fiberglass tank repair and fiberglass surface coating services. 

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