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All You Need to Know About FRP Storage Tank Cleaning

An FRP or fiberglass reinforced plastic storage tank is one of the most expensive types of equipment in a refinery and one of the most critical.

Since it’s commonly used in many industries, learn about what happens during routine and emergency maintenance inspections and how important it is to have the right tools for clean-up.

What You Need to Know About FRP Storage Tank Cleaning

FRP storage tanks store crude oil, natural gas liquids (NGL), and water. This storage allows producers to retain the commodity until it can be transported via pipelines or railcars to its final destination.

Regular Inspections

Since storage tanks are crucial to any industry’s functions, thorough inspections must be regularly scheduled and performed. Additionally, whether they’re being inspected for routine maintenance or in an emergency, clean-up tools must be readily available to take care of any issues that may arise.

A storage tank is designed to store fluids for long periods. Since liquid, gas, or slurry can be present in storage tanks at all times, it’s essential that cleaning and sanitizing chemicals are appropriate and present in sufficient quantities.

Be Cautious with Harmful Fluid

When fluid from a new tank leaks into the surrounding environment, anyone who comes in contact with this fluid must be protected.

This can be quickly done with first aid kits or even a simple band-aid. But when a volatile fluid such as oil or gas is spilled, more precautions are necessary to protect people from potential exposure and harm.

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Be Careful with Cleaning Chemicals

There are cleaning chemicals used to sanitize surfaces to help prevent cross-contamination. However, these chemicals can be harmful if misused or overused. In some cases, even though the chemical is labeled as safe for use, that may not be entirely accurate.

These dangerous chemicals include biocides and surfactants that can lead to water and surface contamination if not properly removed from the work environment.

Cleaning chemicals are also available for use in emergencies involving hazardous waste spills or similar industrial accidents. The purpose of these cleaning agents is to help clean up spills without harming the surrounding environment or causing harm to humans who may come into contact with the spilled fluid.

Get Professional FRP Tank and Pipe Services

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