Fiberglass Tank

Everything You Need To Know About Fiberglass Tank Inspection Services

Fiberglass tanks are used in various industries; they can be used for different storing purposes such as storing drinking water, alcohol, hazardous materials, petrol, and much more.

Fiberglass tanks can be installed both above ground and underground. Above ground tanks have a capacity of 12 million gallons and underground tanks with a capacity of 10 thousand gallons.

Fiberglass tanks are cost-efficient, durable, and easy to install. With timely maintenance of these tanks, you can avoid costly repairs and prevent any leakages from happening.

Consider hiring a professional service with expert engineers and technical advisors to ensure your tanks are foolproof.

Here are a few benefits of fiberglass tank inspection services:

Expert Engineers And Technical Advisors

Engineer working

Fiberglass tank inspection services ensure that proper government rules and regulations are met when installing these tanks. Fiberglass services comply with government regulations in regards to petroleum storage in Fibre-Reinforced Plastic Tanks (FRP) tanks. Petroleum storage requires permits, and if the regulations are not followed correctly, you may end up having to pay heavy fines and penalties.

Professional FRP installation services ensure smooth and efficient installation of tanks by following all rules and regulations. What’s more, they ensure that all maintenance and repairs are up to date.

Safety Of People And The Environment

FRP tanks that hold dangerous substances require timely maintenance and round-the-clock repairs. Poor maintenance could lead to leakages or bursts that can potentially harm the environment and people.

Hiring professionals will ensure others’ safety because they have the right equipment for inspection and will get the job done efficiently.

Keep in mind that even though fiberglass is highly durable and corrosion-resistant, it is always advised to take further preventive measures when storing harmful materials.

Therefore, these fiberglass tank inspection services also offer field welding services that prevent your tank from any leakages.  

High-Quality Maintenance And Repair

FRP tanks can deteriorate both internally and externally if not correctly installed or maintained. Fiberglass task inspection services are certified to provide high-quality maintenance and repairs.

Inspection services also add modifications to FRP tanks with high-level chemicals such as fiberglass containment coating solutions.