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Fiberglass Fabrication 101: All About Fiberglass Manufacturing

Did you know that the ancient Phoenicians, Greeks, and Egyptians knew how to melt glass and stretch it into thin fibers? However, only in the 1930s did humans start to commercially manufacture the fiberglass material and use it to make pipings.  

Human beings have always strived towards making improvements and discovering new things. Developing this composite material and then making it commercially viable was a crucial breakthrough in human history as it is a beautiful example of modern human ingenuity. 

So, How Is Fiberglass Made?

The process that we use to make fiberglass is called Pultrusion. Huge furnaces are used to melt the ingredients and make a liquid. The ingredients include Silica, sand limestone, kaolin clay, fluorspar, Coleman, dolomite, and various other materials.

Fiberglass is made by adding risens to the glass fibers, creating fiber-reinforced plastic. Different resins can be added to increase the toughness of the material. The material can be molded into various shapes and is heavily used in the industry due to its malleability and durability.

To manufacture fiberglass, glass is heated until molten, and then it is forced to pass through superfine holes. This creates thin glass filaments. They are so thin that they can be best measured in microns. The glass fibers must have very few impurities.

Image of fiberglass

Manufacturing With Fiberglass

Once the fiberglass is woven together, we can increase its strength by adding different resins. It is commonly used to make swimming pools, boats, surfboards, sporting equipment, and automobile parts. Because of its lightweight, it is also used to make circuit boards.

Fiberglass can also be mass-produced to make sheets and mats. It also has custom-made applications such as creating custom-made bumpers and fenders to repair damaged components.

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