FRP Tanks are Strong and Durable But They’re Not Invincible

FRP Tanks are Strong and Durable But They’re Not Invincible!

Commercial industries, agricultural growers and government agencies use fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks to store and transport water, fertilizers, petroleum products, and everything in between. These tanks are strong and durable and offer extreme versatility in geometric shape and accessory equipment configuration. They’re a near-perfect solution for your liquid and solid storage and handling needs.

FRP Tanks are Strong and Durable But They’re Not Invincible!

That said, fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks (FRP tanks) have one significant weakness that can’t be ignored. They don’t fare well against harsh chemicals.

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A fiberglass reinforced plastic tank has three layers:

  1. the outermost weather-barrier resin layer,
  2. the interwoven fiberglass filament layer, and
  3. the innermost resin chemical-barrier layer.

The weather-barrier resin layer is prone to scratching and may wither away gradually due to constant external impact. Once this layer is damaged, a fiberglass reinforced plastic tank becomes vulnerable and may develop microcracks, especially if it’s exposed to oxidizing or corrosive chemicals that attack the inherently weak area between the filament layer and resin layer of the tank, compromising its structural integrity.

This then begs the question:

Can you repair a fiberglass reinforced plastic tank that has microcracks?

The answer is…it depends.

FRP tanks have interwoven strands of fiberglass. This makes the origin of a microcrack difficult to locate. If the microcrack is localized in an area and is easy to identify, an FRP tank repair professional should be able to fix it. However, if the microcrack is embedded deep within the structure of the tank, it could be virtually impossible to fix it.

Therefore, it’s advised to always the check the profile of the chemical(s) you intend to store in your fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks. If the chemical(s) are highly reactive in nature, avoid storing them in the tanks. It’s better to exercise precaution rather than risking your investment and later regret the outcome of your decision.

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