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How Hazardous Materials Are Contained With Fiberglass Coatings

Fiberglass is a natural material that’s harmless to humans and is ecologically clean. Glass fiber can be made by taking 25-million-year-old quartz sand and melting it together with various raw materials at extremely high temperatures. It also includes binders that improve the water tightness and strength of the materials. Its special treatment gives fiberglass many different unique properties, such as high resistance to being bent, humidity and temperature resistance, low density, and resistance to biological and chemical effects.

This material is often used for fiberglass coating in tanks to contain hazardous materials in a wide variety of industries. Here’s all you need to need to know about fiberglass surface coating:

Great strength

Fiberglass coating provides the same level of strength as steel but without any additional weight. With only a quarter of the density of steel, companies can save thousands of dollars in weight savings. Its stiffness and strength also make it easy to engineer according to the unique conditions of both underground and above-ground applications.

Glass fiber is available in many different forms and shapes, including continuous fiber, staple fiber, rovings, and chopped strands. Chopped strands and continuous fiber are often mixed with resin to increase stiffness and reduce the elongation of the plastic composite.


A high-quality fiberglass profile will be resistant to most aggressive liquids and chemicals, making fiberglass coatings an ideal addition to cooling towers, swimming pools, wastewater treatment plants, and construction since these areas tend to have a higher risk of corrosion.

Electrical insulation

Using fiberglass coatings in your tanks and pipes can minimize the need for complex earthing techniques since it provides top-notch electrical insulation. This makes fiberglass a future-proof option for reducing the costs of future inspections and installation services.

Thermal insulation

Fiberglass’s unique profile gives it a much lower heat distribution gradient than aluminum and steel. This makes it easier to produce more energy-efficient products.

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