Fiberglass tank inspection

How to choose the right company for tank inspection

The aboveground fiberglass tanks are prone to external and internal deterioration. The environmental elements, poor practices, installation, and the age of these tanks can lead to deterioration of the tanks.

You need fiberglass inspection services to assure the external and internal integrity of aboveground fiberglass tanks and vessels. At Hudson Fiberglass, we test the internal and external integrity of aboveground fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks to ensure continuous customer trust.

Why Are FRP Tanks Popular?

Most businesses and municipalities prefer FRP tanks because of their inexpensive cost, lightweight, and high durability. However, you still need to schedule inspection services for regular repair and maintenance. Doing so will extend the useful life of your fiberglass tanks.

4 Things You Should Know About FRP Inspection Services

You should consider these factors before hiring an FRP inspection service:

1. Adherence to Regulations

A reliable fiberglass inspection service will and must adhere to the regulations of the Fiberglass Tank & Pipe Institute. They should strictly follow the standard FTPI 2007-1. This is a recommended practice for an exceptional fiberglass inspection service.

2. Training & Experience

Experience isn’t simply a number. It reflects how long an inspection service has been in the market. Hudson Fiberglass has been serving since 1976, and our vast experience allows us to offer fiberglass inspections beyond boundaries.

Likewise, training is equally an important factor. You need to choose a service with many hours of training and field experience. Our staff has hundreds of hours of training and field experience. All of them have been trained by Fiberglass Tank & Pipe Institute’s executive director.

3. Inspector Certification

Make sure you pick an inspection service that has a team of certified inspectors. For instance, at Hudson Fiberglass, our managing partner is the first to achieve FRPI SP8310—one of the most strenuous certifications in FRP inspection. Our hours of work experience, accompanied by the inspection certification, make us the top choice of companies and municipalities in the eastern US.

4. Customer Base

Choose a service that has a large clientele. If an inspection service has some of the renowned names in its client portfolio, it’s a plus point. This indicates the level of trust their customers have in them. The larger the customer base and the positive the feedback, the better are their services.

Fiberglass pipe

If you’re ready for fiberglass tank inspection service, you’re at the right place. Hudson Fiberglass offers industrial FRP solutions, including fiberglass tank and pipe inspection, tank repair, surface coating, and more. Request a free quote today!