Industrial FRP Tanks

How to Maintain and Repair FRP Pipes and Tanks

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic tanks are used worldwide in industries because of their highly resistant properties. However, just like any other tank, they require maintenance and repairs to perform well for several years.

Don’t leave the tanks and pipes uncared for, and follow these tips to make the most of your invested money.

1. Perform Annual Inspections

The FRP pipes are relatively low maintenance and have a life of around 20-25 years, but you can’t just forget about them. If you hire a professional to do an in-depth inspection, they’d guide you on the maintenance methods that can increase the life of your tanks.

The inspection can help you fix the issues in the initial stages so that you can avoid any inconveniences later. This way, you can save a huge sum of money and enormous losses.

If you ever notice your tanks not performing up to the mark, reach out to a professional who’d help you repair or replace your tanks.

2. Get The Exposed Tanks Coated

 Industrial FRP Tanks exposed to UV light

Tanks are usually placed high above the ground, exposing them to scorching ultraviolet light. This can fade their surface and affect their ability to resist chemical reactions. You should consider coating these tanks with ultraviolet-resistant material, to keep them looking new.

When you’re setting up the tank, you should take care of this unavoidable circumstance; but if your tanks are not coated, get them coated immediately to avoid further damage.

3. Remove Air from the Laminate

Always buy tanks from trusted retailers. If there is a fault in the manufacturing process and the lamination is not done properly, you would be able to see air trapped inside the laminate. Don’t take this lightly, as this can impact the mechanical properties of the tank, leading to reduced tensile and shear strength.

If you’re noticing some voids in the lamination, immediately consult a professional. If you have the warranty, claim it and get it fixed; otherwise, get it treated.

We offer fiberglass inspection services in the US to factories that require huge tanks to hold water for the processes. We also provide tanks and pipes repair services, field welding for tank and coating for the tanks and surfaces. Contact us to book your appointments and get the highest quality services from our certified technicians.

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