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Reasons Why You Should Get Your Fiber Glass Tank Inspected

To maintain any water tank properly, it’s essential to have it inspected regularly. A fiberglass tank, in particular, needs to be inspected yearly or every two years, depending on the water quality in the tank.

Additionally, there are some warning signs and guidelines that you can look for to determine how often you should get your fiberglass tank inspected.

Discoloration and Bubbles

The first thing you’ll want to note is discoloration, bubbles, or seams that appear brittle as these indicate potential leaks.

Rust spots on ferrous metals, dents, and bulges from within the insulation jacket also require immediate inspection of your fiberglass tank.

Dropping Water Levels

You should have your tank inspected if the water level is starting to drop. If that’s the case, there may be a leak, or it could just be a matter of time until a leak occurs.

Check the Vents

Another thing you’ll want to inspect regularly is the vents, as it’s common for them to become obstructed over time. A vent that becomes blocked can cause an increase in pressure within the tank which can lead to cracks and leaks.

Even If You See No Issues, Get Regular Inspections

If you find any of these issues with your tank, you must get it inspected immediately. If not caught in time, any of these issues can escalate, and you’ll have a slow leak repair process on your hands.

As experts, we recommend getting your tank inspected at least once every year, even if there’s nothing explicitly wrong with it. This will help you catch potential issues and problems that may be brewing before they get out of control.

Professional Inspection and Repairs

At Hudson Fiberglass, we offer top-quality fiberglass tank inspection services. You can also benefit from our premium FRP tank and pipe repair and fiberglass surface coating services.

If you’d like to schedule an inspection or repairs, contact us now.

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