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Warning Signs Your FRP Tank Needs An Inspection

Fiberglass tanks are known for their longevity and durability and are widely used throughout the USA. They can be customized and sanded and repainted over time, and gel-coated FRP tanks can withstand more UV light than normal poly tanks, as well as rugged conditions, which is a testament to their popularity.

What is an FRP Tank?

Fiberglass tanks contain fiber reinforcement embedded in a cured thermosetting resin. The composite structure typically contains additives such as dyes and other pigments. Fiberglass tanks are made up of different combinations of glass fibers, resin, dyes, and designs, which can be customized to produce the required product. Fiberglass tanks are fiberglass reinforced in plastic (FRP) and have a strength level parallel to that of concrete.

Although fiberglass tanks last up to 40 years, they can obtain damage through several factors. Look out for these telltale warning signs that indicate your fiberglass tank needs inspection.

Wear and Tear

Although fiberglass is a resilient and tough material, like any other material, it suffers from wear and tear due to age. Minor cracks may appear on the fiberglass tank, and although these cracks may seem insignificant at first, they are a result of the breakdown of fiberglass fabric.

These cracks will get bigger and bigger over time, separating the fiberglass and resin that is holding them together. Naturally, this puts stress on the remaining material until a substantial crack appears.

When several of these cracks appear on your fiberglass tank, the pressure on the fiberglass fabric may cause it to break completely.

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Heat Damage

The plastic composite used in fiberglass resin doesn’t do well in extremely high temperatures. Since fiberglass tanks are opaque, the heat damage is not entirely visible. Although, under normal use, high temperatures have little impact on their service life, in temperatures above 149°F, the heat begins to warp the fiberglass core. Once damaged, the core cannot be repaired.

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