What is the Difference between FRP and GRP

What is the Difference between FRP and GRP?

Fiber reinforced plastic (or polymer) and Glass reinforced plastic are imperative to modern engineering because engineers use them to ensure that the design and structure of the product remain solid. The changing demands of clients in the industry and development of advanced technology have led engineers to collaborate with chemical specialists.

This has led to innovations in composites  designed to meet different needs. Both these types of materials are high in demand in modern engineering.

What is Fiber Reinforced Plastic?

Fiber Reinforced Plastic or Polymer is known by many names, but it is basically a composite of two types of fiber and a polymer. The fibers which are most commonly used include basalt, carbon, glass and aramid. In some cases, wood and paper are also used. In this mixture the fiber provides strength and stiffness to the material.

Fiber alone cannot provide the base for building large structures. The addition of polymer provides the strength needed for endurance.

What Is Glass Reinforced Plastic?

Glass reinforced plastic is made of fiberglass and reinforced plastic. It is made of strands of glass with each fine glass fiber is woven to make a flexible fabric. It is most commonly used in gliders and various kinds of aircraft.

Other products which use GRP in abundance include boats and their different parts, pipes, water tanks, hot tubs, surfboards, bathtubs and automobiles. This is a generally stronger material and has wide appeal for making several types of manufactured goods. It maintains excellent structural strength and has high durability.

What’s the difference?

The major difference is in their composition. This invariably affects how they are each used and which industry they are favorable to and how resistant to heat they are. The mechanical strength and elasticity of the plastics in FRP are made richer by including other materials.

It is highly resistant to heat and other corrosive substances. While FRPS is used widely in automotive, aerospace and the construction industry; GRP is more popularly used in the power industry. Their ability to offer higher resistance to chemical and electrical forces makes them a good option because they cannot create a magnetic field.

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