Why Use Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic for Wastewater Systems

Why Use Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic for Wastewater Systems

Wastewater systems are responsible for collecting and treating wastewater from homes, municipalities, rural developments, sanitary stations, commercial buildings, etc. They play a crucial role in supporting healthy, self-sufficient, and prosperous communities.

Why Use Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic for Wastewater Systems

When designing a wastewater system, engineers have to plan for many things to ensure the system does its job properly. For example, they must make sure the wastewater system has appropriate corrosion protection, offers good odor control, is strong and stable, inexpensive to maintain, non-conductive and non-magnetic. That’s where choosing the right construction materialcan be vital to the success of the project.

Traditionally, wastewater systems have been built using either concrete or metal alloys. In recent years, however, interest in fiberglass reinforced plastic has grown. That’s because fiberglass reinforced plastic brings versatility to the table and covers pretty much all the design requirements that are specified for designing an effective, efficient and high-performing wastewater system.

Superior corrosion resistance

Corrosion remains a major problemsin wastewater environments. Sulfuric acid and hydrogen sulfide—common byproducts of wastewater treatment systems—degrade the wastewater treatment infrastructure and reduce its service life. Acid generating microbes, thriving in the anaerobic conditions of wastewater environments, further add to the woes and contribute to corrosion issues.

Using fiberglass reinforced plastic can help eliminate or at least mitigate corrosion concerns as research shows that the material offers superior corrosion protection compared to other materials used in the construction of wastewater systems.

Strong, durable and flexible

The components of wastewater systems need to be strong and durable. Given the high cost incurred in the deployment of wastewater treatment projects and the critical civil function the project serves in any development, the installation needs to last for years.

Here, once again, fiberglass reinforced plastic outshines the conventional construction materials. It has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratio available for component fabrication and even beats steel or sheet metal. In addition, it withstands chemical and moisture well.

Besides being strong and durable, fiberglass reinforced plastic is a custom fiberglass work and can also be produced in any size or shape, allowing a wide range of design possibilities for both structural and equipment applications.

Fiberglass reinforced plastic truly enables the design of long lasting, high performing wastewater systems.

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