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FRP Storage Tanks: A Cleaning Guide

Cleaning FRP storage tanks with dry materials isn’t a problem, but having liquids like oil or even water can be pretty challenging . Over time, scale, sediments, and algae get deposited on the walls and surface of the tank that contaminate the water, and make it unfit for use. Learn more about it below:

All You Need to Know About FRP Storage Tank Cleaning

An FRP or fiberglass reinforced plastic storage tank is one of the most expensive types of equipment in a refinery and one of the most critical. Since it’s commonly used in many industries, learn about what happens during routine and emergency maintenance inspections and how important it is to have the right tools for clean-up. What You […]

Reasons Why You Should Get Your Fiber Glass Tank Inspected

To maintain any water tank properly, it’s essential to have it inspected regularly. A fiberglass tank, in particular, needs to be inspected yearly or every two years, depending on the water quality in the tank. Additionally, there are some warning signs and guidelines that you can look for to determine how often you should get […]

A Homeowner’s Guide to Septic Systems

It’s common for homeowners not to know whether their home has a septic system at all. It’s simple to understand. You are likely to have a septic system if the water line coming into your house doesn’t carry a meter, you’re using well water, and if you’re sure that your neighbors have a septic system.

Common Health Risks Associated with Septic System Failure

Septic system failures typically manifest in the form of gases and wastewater being released from the septic system . Essentially, a septic system failure occurs when sewage ends up somewhere it shouldn’t. Sewage water can back up through the pipes and into the home or building through sinks, toilets, etc. A leak in the pipes […]

Why Field Welding for Tank is Necessary?

Welding  involves joining two or more metals (both similar and none similar) by heating them at a certain temperature. However, field welding is not necessary to manufacture weapons or vehicles but also perfect to keep tanks strong and last longer. Here are a few points that can help you understand the necessity of field welding for […]

Warnings Signs Your FRP Tank Needs an Inspection

Fiberglass tanks are known for their longevity and durability and arr widely used. These tanks are made up of different combinations of glass fibers, resin, dyes, and designs, which can be customized to produce the required product. Although fiberglass tank can last up-to 40 years, they can obtain damage through several factors, such as:

Top 5 Advantages of Fiberglass Surface Coating

Nowadays, storage tanks with fiberglass surface coating are commonly used to store kerosene, gasoline, and other petroleum-based products. You can use these tanks, in the long run as they are easier to maintain and don’t cost much to repair. However, there are multiple advantages of fiberglass surface coatings, including mold-ness, strong mechanism, stiffness, and many […]